Billini Hotel History

Billini Hotel is situated in the heart of Santo Domingo’s Colonial City, which was founded in 1498 as a result of Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to the New World. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, colloquially known as the Zona Colonial, is home to the first cathedral, hospital, customs house and university in the Americas.

With a rich history in its own right, the building in which the hotel is housed tells a story as fascinating as that of Santo Domingo itself. It was built in the 16th Century to serve as a colonial house for the Regina Angelorum Convent. During the 1804 French occupation of Santo Domingo, it served as an arsenal for the Napoleonic army under governor Jean Louis Ferrand. In 1848, the building served as the seat of Archbishop Tomás Portes e Infante, before becoming the seat of the historic San Luis Gonzaga School, founded by Father Francisco X. Billini in 1865.


Today, Billini Hotel has been beautifully restored and stands as the first historically significant luxury hotel in the Zona Colonial. Merging the building’s original Spanish Colonial architecture with avant-garde design and décor, it offers a unique and authentic destination for travellers seeking to experience a deep connection to Santo Domingo’s history, heritage and culture.